Piano Tiles 2 Play Online for free

In early July it was launched for Windows Phone. This really is a game where the player's objective will be to tap on the black tiles while preventing the white as they appear in the top of the display. It'll emit a piano sound, when each black tile is harnessed piano tiles 3.

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How To Play:The rules are clear: only tap on the black tiles to the music and avoid patting anywhere else. In quick succession, forms famed compositions including Für Elise and Ode to Joy. Try it outside, love the piano tiles, train your fingers to be quicker, and see if you can beat on your friends! The player will lose the game if the player pat on a white tile and be indicated by an off-tune note.
What's new in Piano Tiles 2 (Do Not Tap The White Tile 2):

- Excellent new music, feel the joy of a specialist pianist
- Brand-new gameplay
- multicolor instead of black and white, New color scheme
- Compete with players around the world