Discover How Focusky Presentation Software will Replace the MS PowerPoint

Focusky Software Co. Ltd strives to help companies to develop their business using the latest visual technologies of presentations. With the help of the Focusky presentation maker, they are able to create powerful and interactive presentations that can impress the audience and urge them to take an action.

There are many reasons why Focusky is a wise business choice. No matter what kind of industry people have chosen, this powerful presentation tool will help users to arrange their boring business content into an engaging, dynamic presentation that keeps the interest of the audience up to the last slide. For this reason, Focusky is announced to be the best PowerPoint alternative on the market.

The software has a number of outstanding features, some of which are described below:

·         Animation Editor that enables people to add more than 300 different animation effects to make their presentation "movable".

·         Path of Discovery that allows users to easily custom the path based on their specific needs. This includes customization of the delay time, play order, transition time and more.

·         Focusky features over 1000 built-in dynamic characters that fit any story. Presenters can easily capture the audience's attention using some of these roles and their unlimited emotions, actions, situations and more.

·         3D Backgrounds that can make the audience to wow. The background templates can be edited to meet the specific company's goals.

·         Video Background can effectively keep the interest of the impressed audiences.

·         Unlimited Hosting Cloud Platform is also available to add to the users' experience and help them publish and distribute their presentations.

Focusky is user-friendly presentation software which provides the clear guide for users to create the cool content. It is with all pre-designed resources for users to choose to modify the presentations. For the users to make good use of Focusky, its develop team published a series of online tutorial on YouTube. With these tutorials, it is easy for the users to create the cool presentations.

For more information on this effective PowerPoint alternative, please visit

About Focusky:

Focusky Software Co. Ltd is committed to deliver companies around the world the best possible digital tools to help them thrive and succeed. They offer very useful, user-friendly, and cost-effective business solutions to recover the value of the well-planned and structured business presentations.

HTML5 Presentation Maker Focusky Updated with an Easy Image Editor

Focusky Software Co. Ltd, headquartered in Hong Kong, is a world leading provider of digital presentation maker. For many years, Focusky has focused on the research and development of an outstanding range of digital presentation software for users around the world. The Focusky presentation maker is developed to reinvent the art of presentation, bringing a brand new thought on digital presentation.

 is known to all, Focusky is an easy and quick tool to create awesome HTML5 presentations and animated videos. A number of users of the software rely on it for delivering an outstanding visual experience to their respective target audience. This HTML5 presentation maker has now become more feature-rich with the new image editor added to it recently by its creators, Focusky Software Co. Ltd. With the image editor, users can now cut, resize or rotate the images that they insert into the presentations. This gives them a simple way to customize images to be used and make presentations more powerful.

Besides adding the image editor, the new version of the HTML5 presentation maker has a new and optimized interface for users to work conveniently and create beautiful presentations to promote their business. One can get professional looking results in just 5 minutes with the help of tons of pre-designed templates and styles. With unlimited zoom and pan effects, the presentations offer a great visual effect to engage viewers.

According to Jason Chan, the President of Focusky, the upgraded and new software allows using build-in animation tools along with the image editor to create vivid presentations that inspire interactions with the audience. "Customization abilities in Focusky make it a powerful and effective presentation making tool for marketers to reach their target audience with professional and engaging presentations. We keep adding new features that can serve the advertising, branding and business promotional purposes of the new-age marketers," Jason said.

The new HTML5 presentation maker has an easy and intuitive interface that allows users to focus on their key ideas and work with their creative flow. The software allows a smooth transition of animations and users can present their ideas in a dynamic and exciting manner. According to Jason, "This is not the era of using static PowerPoint presentations. A fascinating and animated presentation could prove more convincing to bring encouraging results."   

With new features and added capabilities, Focusky has continuously been evolving as a valuable presentation making tool for the business people and marketers. Now, everyone can become the users of Focusky. It provides the chances for you to be outstanding from the crowed. With the animated and vivid presentations, your ideas can be better understanding and known to all people. Just with one click, you can spread the presentations on social networks and even email to friends. There is no doubt that it can be the strong tool for you to beat your competitors.

For more about this HTML5 presentation maker, just go the the official website to free download and publish the content in your way. I believe that you will like Focusky in your presentation career. 

Focusky , the Best Video Presentation Software to Replace PowerPoint

In today’s business world, staying nimble and adapting to technological advances and innovations is the key. Understanding this, Focusky offers a high quality, innovative video presentation software to change the way businesses and individuals’ think of presentation software.

“At Focusky, we believe that not every presentation has to follow the same tired formula. We understand that enterprises often use Microsoft Office as their preferred productivity suite, and their standard presentation tool, PowerPoint. However, we at Focusky are here to prove that change to a different tool, specifically the video presentation maker from Focusky, means more engaging, effective, and perhaps even more interesting presentations,” says Jason Chan, President of Focusky.

As a major leader as the alternative to PowerPoint, for both business and personal use, Focusky video presentation software offers effective, easy to use, and affordable tools to users around the globe. Understanding the need for flexible and adaptable software, Focusky has ensured that this video

presentation maker covers a wide range of needs, including:
Integration with a variety of social media platforms
Ability to instantly upload presentations online
Multiple multimedia resources to work with
Pre-designed templates available
Design flexibly, utilizing a digital zooming whiteboard
Option to output presentations to HTML, Zip, MP4, PDF, or other formats
Fast, professional results – including popular whiteboard, scribe, and explainer video options
Extensive customer service & support

With this video presentation software, like all of their products, attention to detail was key during development.  Keeping end users in mind, Focusky delivers a crisp, clean, easily navigable user interface that will result in original, appealing presentations, in readily shareable video formats. Customers looking to upgrade their presentation experience have a viable, cost effective, convenient alternative in Focusky video presentation maker.
To find out more, or to sign up for your own free account, visit Focusky homepage.

About Focusky Software Co., Ltd
Established in 2008, China based Focusky Software Co. Ltd is a professional Science and Technology Software provider. Involved in the development and distribution of online presentation software for the last 6 years, Focusky has gained a faithful following that is continually growing by supplying users with inventive, convenient, and useful software to meet their presentation needs.

Make Flipping Book WordPress Plugin without Coding Using AnyFlip

You have WordPress blogs or sites and you are looking for a creative way to make it animated? You want to make a flipping book WordPress plugin and embed on your blog to engage wider viewers for your site? Interactive flipbook on your blog is an original way to increase page views. AnyFlip gains its popularity for making flipping book WordPress plugin without coding. Your blogs or sites will thus amaze viewers worldwide online and offline.

AnyFlip makes flipbook interactive and real-time with advanced HTML5 & jQuery technology. It ensures your sites and blogs to be engaging with flipbook visual experience. Modern 3D page turning effect, relaxed background music play, beautiful theme and template, multimedia content, all make your blogs and sites vivid and dynamic.  

Start Amazing Flipbook from PDF File

AnyFlip is a free HTML5 flipbook creator designed to convert PDF and images to HTML5 & jQuery based page flip book. In minutes, static PDF file can be transformed to be interactive flipbook. Then you are able to decorate it with beautiful pre-designed template and theme for nice looking. Besides, customizing enchanting background music for flipbook will make viewers relaxed during reading.

Real-time Flipbook for Ture Interactive

How to make sites or blogs successful to attract a large number of traffics? What creative way can optimize sites and blogs to improve the ROI? AnyFlip will satisfy your requirement effectively. It goes beyond the publishing software and provides super editors to strengthen flipbook with immersive digital experience.

Without writing a single line of code, AnyFlip enables you to make flipbook interactive with rich media. Videos, audios, animations, links and photo slideshow will engage viewers with surprising reading experience.

Flipbook WordPress Plugin to Animate Sites & Blogs
AnyFlip creates flipping book in various formats like HTML, ZIP and EXE formats to share with friends. What is more, it publishes flipbook as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal plugins and get them installed and run on your sites or blogs easily. Publishing, installing, activating and embedding, after four simple steps, your sites or blogs will be animated to capture wider viewing. Stunning flipping book delivers information vividly and gives viewers a wonderful enjoyment.

Make flipping book WordPress plugin without coding by AnyFlip is gorgeous. On the one hand, you can improve efficiency and productivity for making gorgeous flipbook. On the other hand, publishing and embedding gorgeous flipbook on sites and blogs is significant to engage viewers online and offline, it makes your flipping content reach viewers globally.

Also, AnyFlip is the best brochure maker for business owners who can publish the digital brochures as WordPress Plugin and activate in their website to boost traffics. Such interactive brochures in your website is bound to attract more target customers.

Build an Excellent Magazine with AnyFlip Magazine Maker

Stunning magazine designed is significant to tell story, promote products, showcase services and engage audience. AnyFlip magazine maker inspires you to make magazines with interactive and multimedia content.

AnyFlip gains popularity for sharing interesting story and delivering useful information to audiences globally. This top magazine creator provides interactive HTNM5 digital publishing platform to display your gorgeous magazines online. The exquisite magazine content and engaging 3D page flipping reading experience benefit you to stand out among competitors easily.


Amazing 3D Page Flipping Experience

Relaxed reading atmosphere is a competitive strategy to secure audiences’ loyalty. AnyFlip inspires you to customize unique digital HTML5 based magazines from PDF easily. Then you are able to set auto-flipping mode to read flipping magazines without turning the pages manually one by one. What is more, customizing own style background music and image for magazine provides relaxed reading experience for audiences when they view your attractive magazines.

Secure and High Performing Magazines 

HTML5 unlimited cloud publishing delivers outstanding magazines to audiences easily. For one thing, you are able to tighten up security for your beautiful magazines. Just create private magazines and set up permissions to view them. For another, your exquisite magazines will engage wider audiences with multimedia and interactive content. Videos, audios, photo slideshow, animations, links, flash and spotlight added shows your flip content dynamically.

Unlimited Access to All Mobile Devices

AnyFlip magazine maker makes magazines stunning and professional. Your beautiful magazine content will reach audiences easily via browsers on all mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android devices and tablets. This mobile friendly magazine provides wonderful mobile reading online and offline, anytime and anywhere.

Imagine your well-designed magazines read by millions of audiences worldwide! AnyFlip is the world leading publishing platform for shining your ideas and products/services. It benefits individuals to display themselves to the world and marketers to explore online business effectively.

For more, please visit AnyFlip Official Website.

AnyFlip Photo Flipbook Software for Photo Book Designers

AnyFlip Photo Flipbook Software for Photo Book Designers

There continues to be a heated competition among photo book designers. Everyone wants to seek out one secret weapon to standout inside the crowd. So, an experienced photo flip book maker gets to be more and more to show its importance and also the advantages. Speak while using works. Improve yourself together with the best maker. As for the designers, they have to have harsh terms about the photo book maker. From where I stand, I think it the main that is the visual enjoyment in the book. Then, the best way to achieve that? That is not the basic maker is capable of doing that.

None with the designers don't want to save costs but from the meantime keep attractive with the photo flip book. Here is the software, AnyFlip that as I think perfect diamond necklace the demanding above. It is 100% liberated to convert PDF to flipbook. It is 100% guarantee with an appealing flip book. Here teach you some features all I have known.

1. Easy-to-use PDF turnover book maker
Amazing! You just need to prepare materials about your photos as usual. And then import them into (PDF, images, MS Office files) AnyFlip. Just one step, you may directly publish it as a photo flip book. Nothing might be easier than that.

2. Enrich photo flip book with multiple media

l Music - give your photo book the setting to touch your potential customers. Let them enter your photo book.
l Videos - a relevant video to introduce your theme get more unexpected effects than only photo and texts.
l Slideshow - the need for photo flip book, setting up a photo gallery to exhibit more photos.

3. Share anywhere and anytime

Do you wish your flip book being viewed by everyone? Try to publish it in multiple formats like HTML, ZIP, EXE and send them via e-mail. Or if you've got SNS accounts, you are able to share it on Facebook, Twitter plus more other websites.

Creative Online Publishing Software to Make Your Magazines Come to Life

Creative Online Publishing Software to Make Your Magazines Come to Life
Nearly all people have realized that digital online publishing plays a far more and more natural part in marketing our businesses. But we occassionally start your own digital publishing journey in a very wrong way, to ensure that our magazines’ sales conversion rate can’t meet our expectations. Now if you are still seeking ways of make your digital magazines popular among readers, then why not look at the powerful flipbook software  AnyFlip , which will make your magazines become more active and thus increase their sales conversion rate.
Create vividly engaging magazines
AnyFlip  is free  flipbook software that lets you turn your static PDFs into lifelike digital magazines with flipping or sliding effect. Besides that, it has succeeded in wowing its users for the following user-friendly features:
1. Lifelike visual reading experience. Besides the flipping and sliding effect, you are able to decorate your magazine’s reading background while using pre-designed attractive backgrounds or perhaps your own unique images.
2. Animated digital magazine contents. It supports that you enrich your digital magazine contents with rich media including videos, audios, flashes, image slideshows, E-commerce icons, hyperlinks and the more.

Multiple online distributing options
When you upload your digital magazines online, you are able to share your lifelike magazines with your readers in multiple ways on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices:
1. Share your online magazines via social media marketing or QR code.
2. Email your web magazines’ URLs for your target readers or customers.
3. Embed your internet magazines in your own website or blog.

In conclusion, AnyFlip makes it simplallows you for you to definitely create lifelike magazines which may be distributed online freely. If yourrrre still feeling upset for that low magazines’ sale conversion rate, this free digital magazine publishing tool will cheer you up.

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AnyFlip Flipbook Maker - Build Engaging eBooks with Ease

Do that suits you reading online? And have you any idea how to generate an eBook, and share it with other people all over the world?  Sometimes you may well be attracted by those beautiful eBooks, and also want to make a sensational book for ourselves, right?  Well, it is rather easy if you’ve got a specialist eBook maker. For this case, AnyFlip generally is a good helper in your case. AnyFlip is definitely a powerful flipbook maker and it has owned its reputation about the electronic sell for a long time. It can help you users easily create as numerous engaging eBooks as you wish, and permit you to publish your eBook to get additional attentions.

Interactive eBook Creation

For AnyFlip this flipbook maker, you are entitled to create interactive and engaging eBooks within minutes. Drag and drop to provide PDF file, begin with elegant pre-designed templates, and add animated background on your book; it's extremely easy to use! You are also capable to insert a range of media elements into rich you eBooks, making your items be interactive and eye-catching.


Social Networks Integration

Are you annoying of expanding your audiences? That is not a challenge for AnyFlip. With this flipbook maker, you may publish your eBooks on the web and share all of them people on many popular internet sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc. It is very convenient on your customers, friends, families to understand your books, this sort of wider audience coverage offered in your case!

Hosting Cloud Platform

Moreover, AnyFlip provides users the best cloud platform for distributing, hosting and managing. You can upload your eBooks to AnyFlip Cloud Platform faster and manage them as you want; it's very reliable and secure in your case users. With its cloud platform, your eBooks can nevertheless be appreciated worldwide even and not using a site, that is so not the same as the traditional method.

Flipbuilder – the best Flip Book Maker Software for Magazine Publishers

Flipbuilder - the top Flip Book Maker Software for Magazine Publishers
As digital publishing grows more and more common, making it quite difficult for every single magazine publisher for making their flipbook e-magazine stand above their competitors. In order to generate their online magazine more intriquing, notable and attractive, they must choose versatile flip book maker software for publishing business.
FlipBuilder is the top Flip Book maker to build realistic page-turning Flipbook from static PDFs, images and MS documents in the breeze. It not merely providers a cozy visual experience for readers, but in addition make internet magazine spread on-line to the large extent.
Hard Cover Effect
Besides the realistic page-flipping effect, you are able to decide if you should present your digital magazine with soft cover or hard cover. Whatever your selection is, FlipBuilder can meet your complete needs. As we all know, the digital flip book using a hard cover leaves reader an expert impression, that is suitable for technology magazine, science magazine plus the more. While the soft cover magazine make us feel safe, which may be applied in parenting magazine, child caring magazine along with the like.
Mobile-friendly Reading Experience
This HTML5-based flip book maker software FlipBuilder means that you can read your digital flippingbook on different cellular phones including iPad, iPhone and also other Android phones and tablets. Your readers can see your digital publications anywhere anytime with their cellular devices smoothly, that has been proved to be an easy way to reach more potential readers and raise your digital flipbook’ conversion rate finally.

Share to Social Media
Whether you publish your digital flipping book online on its desktop software or upload them online entirely on FlipBuilder online platform, it is possible to directly share internet digital magazines inside your social networking sites, including the Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn yet others. Then your web digital magazines is usually read without delay once your families, relatives, friends along with followers update their moments. It is a very but efficient way it is possible to make full use of within a whole.

All in all of the, if you want to produce your online digital magazines drive increased traffic to your business, then FlipBuilder is the top online flip book maker you'll be able to take into consideration.

All Concerning Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin dice games can actually be considered as the best well-known and most popular Bitcoin accepting casino games which can absolutely be accessed online. There are many reasons behind this. Bitcoin dice gives its players the ease of approaching the game and having provable odds on their throwings. It does mean that the player  make the decision on their own risk. additionally, there are variants ready for use to make the game more interesting. The players can bet either on Roll LO only or on Roll HI entirely. And there are bitcoin dice games ready for use where one can wager on one or the other of these two options.

What Are Confirmable Probability

When you go at whatever of the Bitcoin dice gambling websites, you will always become aware of their checkable chances. This brand of verifiable chances playing means that you would be statistically able to examine your own rolls. The terminology Bitcoin dice may make you feel that it is like any other craps dice game. But it is a little bit different from any other kind of traditional dice games. This is mainly because here the betting will be based on the blockchain. But there are a lot of similarities too. The probability that exists in dice rolls in case of a classic game will apply to all kinds of dice games that involve either two or more than two dice. The same would apply to bitcoin dice games too.

You will find a number of bitcoin dice strategies on the web easily. Typically these would be elaborated by the players. These strategies are required by Bitcoin gamblers as they rely on betting progressions in order to increase their bankroll while gambling. This is especially important when you are on dicing sites like Rollin, Coinroll and so on.
Martingale is one of the most common Bitcoin gambling strategies. But do note that it is also the betting progression that is resulting in the maximum incidents in which entire bankrolls are lost. The concept of Martingale is quite simple. You need to choose a bet that will be returning your bet doubled in case of your win. Now you have to start to bet. In case you win, you need to go back to your original wager. But in case you lose, you should double your bet. This way when you win eventually, you would have made your original wager in the profits that you earn. Now if you do not consider probability here, everything will appear alright. However, the fact remains that the probability of you losing at any given time remains the same, assuming that you do not change the game that you are playing. This is why this strategy can lead to the bankruptcy of so many gamblers. Also note that the amount you need to bet so that you win back your original wager will increase exponentially if you are losing. Hence you may end up losing all till it is too late.

Learn How To Sat NO.

Becoming a “yes” man or girl is typical notably when you’re starting out when you’re in the freelance company. You try so hard please them at every turn, to gain clients, and ensure that the chance of receiving undertakings in future skyhigh.

Nonetheless, what about when you face a situation where saying “no” is not certainly worse than signing up for something you understand you ca’t manage because of some other motive or time constraints? How can you decline without damaging their feelings, seeming clumsy, or risk losing any chance of receiving jobs later on from them?

This is a sticky situation for many, especially those people who discover saying “no” hard. This is why we’ve gathered a number of tips that can educate you on the trick to saying “no” without doing too much damage.

Just how to say no to customers: Straightforward Strategies
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First thing first: Establish Precedence

For instance, if you constantly have a specific number of hours set out for quality time with your family, do’t make it a custom to trade this with work that pops up.

This could be accurate for other priorities too, such as time on your own, time for another high-paying job, or time for another high-worth client.

Prone to being a yes” man that is “? Do’t stress that can transform. How? The same way you attempt to learn anything—with loads of practice! You probably face scenarios where folks try to drive you to your limits. ” you reluctantly pick to say yes, while you are feeling like you should be saying “no. Especially when you know that saying “yes” would bring about even more unpleasant outcomes understand the fact that saying “ no” isn't bad at all.

Re Schedule

In some instances, an outright “no” as a response is unnecessary. For example, if the customer is’t in a hurry for when the project is handed in, tell him that you’ll start on it as soon as you are done with what you are now working on. Obviously, you need where in” their project will fit on your calendar and to convince them by supplying additional information about other due dates. If they’re in a hurry postponing may not be an option, and you might need to reject the offer.


Ca’t offer the required services, or feel the contract would offend “ ethos” in some way, talk it out if you’re unwilling to sign up for an assignment because you believe you’re not being paid enough. Again, you do’t need certainly to give an outright “no” in these situations. Perhaps, you feel you are able to negotiate the terms. For instance, you can tell your customer that with experience and time, you have comprehended that the market value of your work is higher.

Give figures and objective facts and point out they could be higher in your area. Or perhaps, you could request your customer reduce the quantity of work and to drop a few jobs. This way you’re not just saying “ no”. You’re merely giving them the and a counter offer whether to accept or reject the project is totally up to them.

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Replace “No” With Other Editions

This one always works when you’re trying your best to be polite! If you’re worried about offending your potential client’s feelings, you do’t always have to use this outwardly rude two-letter word. Learn the skill of saying no without really saying no!

For instance, you are able to say, “I understand that you offered me this job, but regrettably, I’m swamped with [X endeavor].” Or, “That would be excellent, but it’s too bad I 've to [devotion]. This time, you might have to look for someone else”.

Picture credit:

Perhaps, it is possible to simply say your busy program until offer work and a specific date after that date. There are lots of ways you can “no” without really saying it!

Merely Be Courteous

Finally, the best means to say without doing much damage “no” is to say it as politely as possible. Additionally, try, to be honest about your schedule, obligations, or other preferences it could come in conflict with. First, always try to listen to the request and avoid interrupting until they're concluded. Then, inform them that you only ca’t do it at this time and you’re tied up.

Always remember that a job delayed/denied is not much worse than a project derailed.

Under what scenario & how do you say no to a client that is present or potential? Have an experience to share?

Desire to bring something awesome?

Piano Tiles 2 Play Online for free

In early July it was launched for Windows Phone. This really is a game where the player's objective will be to tap on the black tiles while preventing the white as they appear in the top of the display. It'll emit a piano sound, when each black tile is harnessed piano tiles 3.

Best Site To Play Piano Tiles 2 Online.

How To Play:The rules are clear: only tap on the black tiles to the music and avoid patting anywhere else. In quick succession, forms famed compositions including Für Elise and Ode to Joy. Try it outside, love the piano tiles, train your fingers to be quicker, and see if you can beat on your friends! The player will lose the game if the player pat on a white tile and be indicated by an off-tune note.
What's new in Piano Tiles 2 (Do Not Tap The White Tile 2):

- Excellent new music, feel the joy of a specialist pianist
- Brand-new gameplay
- multicolor instead of black and white, New color scheme
- Compete with players around the world